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NYS-AIMH Opportunity for Academic Vetting

  • 1 Sep 2021
  • 9:00 AM
  • 1 Dec 2022
  • 4:00 PM
  • You will be contacted to schedule a personal consultation on Zoom



The NYS-AIMH Academic course vetting is NOW AVAILABLE:

The New York State Association of Infant Mental Health (NYS-AIMH) is pleased to announce the launch of an Academic Course vetting process designed to recognize those academic courses that meet the competencies of the NYS-AIMH Endorsement®.  The process aims to collaborate with Higher Education Institutions and Professional Training Agencies to ensure the promotion of infant and early childhood mental health principles through courses that prepare students from multidisciplinary fields to meet the critical needs of young children and their families.

 As a means of background, the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health designed an endorsement process in 2002 that was based on decades of work to determine what content, experiences, and skills would combine to inform the work of infant/toddler practitioners.  The approach they took is family-centered and reflective.  It values experience and education.  The Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health® is offered in addition to other credentials (certification or licensure) to signify the development of a particular expertise.  The interdisciplinary nature of the Endorsement makes it applicable to early childhood professionals, interventionists, social workers, psychologists, home visitors and many others.

In 2017 NYS-AIMH began offering the Endorsement® to individuals who reside in New York. This is a portfolio-based application process that includes educational course work and specialty training. As academic institutions and professional development agencies learned about the Endorsement®, they became interested in a vetting process that would identify courses/trainings that could be used in an application for endorsement.  Additionally, a crosswalk between the competencies and course/training content could be used to determine if the course/training was competency informed.

As a critical pathway to building a strong infant and early childhood workforce, it is hoped that these collaborations between NYS-AIMH and those providing education and training to the field of early childhood practitioners will foster a coherent system for identifying programs that include content essential to the endorsement process.

This Academic course vetting process is designed to provide you with a criteria by which to design, adapt or evaluate your course(s).  The criteria draws from the NYS-AIMH Competency Guidelines and Endorsement® materials and is intended to be used by colleges, universities and professional development organizations to connect their content and methodology to the endorsement requirements.

Benefits of having your courses/workshops vetted:

  1. Join with NYS-AIMH and an assembly of young child and family serving systems to elevate the importance of education and training in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health.

  2. Align your coursework with internationally recognized standards.

  3. Access a structured format for examining courses/trainings and connecting them to the NYS-AIMH Endorsement® competencies.

  4. Higher education entities and professional development organizations who have had their courses vetted can:

  • Support your students to easily construct their applications for endorsement based on the competencies listed in your materials.

  • Advertise approved courses, thereby increasing your potential base of students.

  • Be listed on the NYS-AIMH website.

For more information, send inquiries to: reachus@nysaimh.org


1. Schedule/register for a free consultation - click the blue "get started" button at the top left

2. Consult with NYS-AIMH regarding the applicable courses and direction

3. Apply – Sign agreement and pay registration fee (50% of total fee).

4. Receive the Self-Study Evaluation Rubric and up to 60 minutes of individual consultation via web-based meeting and email/phone.

5. Submit materials for review and pay the remaining fees.

6. Receive additional consultation and feedback that highlights the strengths of the courses and offers detailed information about any changes that need to be made to meet the criteria

7. Receive a NYS-AIMH seal of approval highlighting that this course is Competency Aligned. Course details will be featured in the Academic Vetting page of our website and in marketing materials. 

Fee structure for vetting:

Higher Education Institutions: 

  • One, 3-credit course - $1,200 per course

  • If more than one course is vetted, each additional course is $1,000 per course

  • One, 1 or 2-credit course - $1,000 per course

  • If more than one course is vetted, each additional course is $800 per course

Professional Training Agencies:

  • $600 per one day training event

Please contact us for questions about Individual workshops

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